Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It's been awhile since the last post.

The store is going down for some time so I can inventory/reorganize/redesign?/etc. It will be active again once all these new releases are arrive. 

Currently awaiting:
Marcy / father figure Split 7"
Mariesena - Ruth 12"
The Sky Above And Earth Below / Mahria Split 7"
Black Love - Self Titled 12"
short stories about their distance / The World At A Glance Split 7"
Nous √Čtions - La Mani√®re Noire 12"
Wounded Knee Discography DVD

+ a bunch more that I can't talk about yet.

Lots of releases in the works too. Cool stuff. Heavy stuff.
It'll be a good end of the year. Also check out all these hardworking labels. I don't do this "shout out" thing nearly enough.

Friendly OtterThe Lamp FoundationToo Far Gone RecordsZegema Beach RecordsBlind Eye RecordsMiddle-Man RecordsGlobe Garage,Galt House Records, LLCHave Fun Recordslacklustre recordsKakusan RecordsBUFU RecordsAncient Injury RecordsGirls Cartel RecordsSad RecordsSkeletal LightningSwollen LungsQuiet Year RecordsHungry Ghost Collective (official)Enjoyment RecordsTor Johnson RecordsHeads UP RecordsBroken World MediaOh Well RecordsFuneral SoundsL'Oeil du tigreBlack Lake RecordsKYEO Speaks zine/distroFriends For Life and It's a Trap! Records.

Sorry if I forgot anyone awesome <3 font="">