Sunday, October 26, 2014

Small update 10/26

Many releases in the works. The webstore is being updated over the next month and will be up and running by December. A slew of new releases and additional distro have been added as well.


Don't live like me.

ALSO come to this show on November 15th at AS220 in Providence RI.

Nous Etions (all the way from Canada!)
Terror Eyes
There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set (tape release?)

9pm / $7

Event Page:

thx. i'll get better at this eventually.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey everyone. Quick little announcement.

Don't Live Like Me has always been an intense passion of mine, but over the past few months the label has been pushed out of the spotlight while I continue to work, finish up school, etc. It is beyond stressful but I make it work as best as I possibly can. However despite being slowed down and mentally drained 24/7, I am always working on new releases. This is because I have absolutely no self control whatsoever 
These upcoming releases are nothing short of stunning. Without a doubt some of the best material that the label has worked on. There will even be a decent amount of material released by my band Monoliths as well. It is truly life affirming to work with such talented people all over the world and gather new friendships along the way. So that being said, I am looking forward to the future of Don't Live Like Me. This label is one of the few things I actually care about in my life so again, thank so very much for all the support and to all the bands that I have worked with <3 font="">

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It's been awhile since the last post.

The store is going down for some time so I can inventory/reorganize/redesign?/etc. It will be active again once all these new releases are arrive. 

Currently awaiting:
Marcy / father figure Split 7"
Mariesena - Ruth 12"
The Sky Above And Earth Below / Mahria Split 7"
Black Love - Self Titled 12"
short stories about their distance / The World At A Glance Split 7"
Nous Étions - La Manière Noire 12"
Wounded Knee Discography DVD

+ a bunch more that I can't talk about yet.

Lots of releases in the works too. Cool stuff. Heavy stuff.
It'll be a good end of the year. Also check out all these hardworking labels. I don't do this "shout out" thing nearly enough.

Friendly OtterThe Lamp FoundationToo Far Gone RecordsZegema Beach RecordsBlind Eye RecordsMiddle-Man RecordsGlobe Garage,Galt House Records, LLCHave Fun Recordslacklustre recordsKakusan RecordsBUFU RecordsAncient Injury RecordsGirls Cartel RecordsSad RecordsSkeletal LightningSwollen LungsQuiet Year RecordsHungry Ghost Collective (official)Enjoyment RecordsTor Johnson RecordsHeads UP RecordsBroken World MediaOh Well RecordsFuneral SoundsL'Oeil du tigreBlack Lake RecordsKYEO Speaks zine/distroFriends For Life and It's a Trap! Records.

Sorry if I forgot anyone awesome <3 font="">

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 update #1

Hello everyone. It's been awhile.

So I constantly have stuff in store for the label. Just follow the Facebook page and that will make your life easier.

Here's a list of releases that have been added to the store.

Monoliths. - Apeiron Tape - $5
MPHIAT - Existential Crisis Tape - $5
EVA - Dekuism - $5
The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch 12" - $10
Native Wildlife - Blackwood 7" - $5
Nebraska 7" - $5
Featherweight / Agape Split 7" - $5
Districts / Regret, The Informer 12" - $12
Sea Of Shit 10" (LAST OF THE SMOKE COPIES) - $10
La Bella - Recomposition 7" (aka the best variation of screamo that I have ever heard) - $5

Here are some future releases that are on the way.

Nous Etions - LA MANIÈRE NOIRE 12"
Monoliths. / Wounded Knee 7"
Monoliths. / Take Nothing, Leave Everything 7"
Father Figure / Marcy 7"
Mariesena - Ruth 12"
Districts / Nous Etions / Terror Eyes / Monoliths. 7"
Black Love 12"
Monoliths. / Waller 10"
plus many more tba

This is the coolest thing i've ever done in my life tbh

Thursday, March 13, 2014

my glob, it's full of releases.


I have made some updates with many more to come to the webstore. I've also added the Au Revoir and Subordinate releases to the store. Be sure to check it out.

Releases to seriously look forward to.

Father Figure / Marcy split 7" (TX/WI)

Mariesena - Ruth 12" (Odessa, Ukraine)

Pastel/Merridew 12" (italy/uk) (Merridew)

Monoliths/Wounded Knee 7" (MA/IL)
More info to be announced soon.

Unannounced 12" (RI) - big time excited over this one. looking at a early summer release.
fuck church

My First Castle 12" (DC)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello people.

2013 was the most difficult year of my life. Starting this label back on December 25th 2012, I did not have the slightest idea of the events that would take place the following year. Words to describe the year "2013" would be depressing, stressful, and painstaking. This is far from complaining, but rather a fact. Despite all the problems I faced, I have never had more confidence about the label than I do now and could not have done it without these bands and their phenomenal music:

Sink Tapes
A Troop Of Echoes 
Canadian Wedding
Native Wildlife
Duck Little Brother Duck
Nous Etions
Aldo Raine
Gillian Carter
Au Revoir 
Lana Lana (RIP)
These Branches

2014 will be rad. We have some pretty fucking awesome releases coming out.

Thanks to anyone who has supported the label this year. It means the the world.


Sunday, December 1, 2013



MPHIAT - Existential Crisis. 

Limited to 50 “RGB” tapes. Coming Soon. 

Tapes provided by Zach of Eyetooth Collective. Go check out his awesome releases. 

MPHIAT will also being playing We’re All Fucked Pt.II this year. Hope to have the tapes completed by then. 

FFO: harsh noise, dying, & being uncomfortable.